Harlequins won the Score Championships in Sutton Park this afternoon. 🙂

I had a reasonable (and mostly enjoyable) run but nothing special: 17 controls in the hour, minus 1 for being a minute late back. But who cares? We won!

btw, well done to OD for the excellent organisation. What with a couple of hundred mad runners (a very good turnout leading to (orderly) queues at most of the controls), another couple of hundred astonished dog-walkers, and a few military types showing off some vintage vehicles, the frost soon cracked under the collective weight!

Did I mention that we won?

(Since I was standing west of the start when we were released, I went with the smallish group heading towards #21. Then 16, 15, 18, 19… On reflection, I think I should’ve either started with #13, or omitted #16 and gone 21, 13, 15…)