Here we go… I did a planning course (which is where one learns course planning) many moons ago, and I have planned night-street and park-O courses, but Clent is my first “proper” cross-country event. (Yes, it is cross-country, despite what it says on the new-style BOF events list, the style of which may or may not be based on the excellent listings at Runners World.) The maps are printed, the stakes are in my boot, the Sportident boxes are ready to be collected… The big question now is: just how bad will the rain be? Tomorrow (Saturday) is allegedly going to be nice and sunny, but then the clouds are due to start gathering… But don’t let that put you off!

Approximate course lengths: Yellow 1.7k, Orange 2.5k, Red 5k, Green 3.8k, Blue 5.2k, Brown 7k.

Last weekend I went to UWOC‘s v.g. campus event. I loved the campus parts but wasn’t so enamoured of the muddy bits beyond. And I annoyed myself by co’ing up a tiny leg in a bit of grotty wood – I think I must’ve got to within a few metres of the control before having doubts and spending several minutes wandering around. Interestingly my best leg was the one on which I encountered Richard Dearden who shouted “Run!” at me! Maybe I should wear an ipod during races, with Richard on a loop??