Congratulations to the following on their performances at the event last Sunday:

Yellow: 1st Ethan Tebbutt, 2nd Melanie & Mark James

Orange*: 1st Alex Roberts, 2nd Jacob Herbert, 3rd David Creber

Red: 1st Dominic & Suzi Robinson, 2nd John Lyden

Green: 1st Chris McCartney, 2nd Harrison McCartney

Blue: 1st Phil Clark, 2nd David Aldridge

Brown: 1st Miroslav Rypacek, 2nd Clive Richardson

I did take along some certificates and prizes, but there isn’t a culture of prizegiving and clearly I wasn’t going to create one just like that, so I came home with most of them. Never mind, I’ll take them along to the Lickey Hills event so you can pick them up then! (*Alex was running down.)

A question mark hangs over the future of RouteGadget, given the rumours going round that the OS are going to whack up their licence fees, but I have uploaded the Clent event so give it a go while ye may…

Believe it or not, the day before Clent I took Catherine down to Leamington to the OD event at Itchington Holt. It’s a small wood, but it’s always good to have a new orienteering area. C was up for it and we got round the Yellow in under 30 minutes.

Itchingto go... part of Itchington Holt