I think this is the most I’ve run in one week since the JK. 6k at the Lickeys (77 mins), 6k at Donisthorpe (47 mins) and 6k tonight in Weoley Castle (47 mins). My knee has felt a bit sore after each event but hasn’t given way during any of them, so I’m really happy. It could be that the solution to my knee problem is more regular running rather than taking it easy. (?)


And I climbed a mountain this morning. In preparation for the Carneddau event in July, Stuart Rees gave me a guided tour, followed by a very late breakfast at the excellent Seven Stars in Aberedw. Surprise, surprise, the main headache in organising the event is the carparking. If (!) we have a wet summer, plans will have to change. But it is a beautiful area so we hope to entice as many people as possible to make the trip.