The last time I was at Fairoak they ran out of maps, and it happened again today! As the weather deteriorated from sunny blue skies to driving ice rain I decided not to wait for a freshly printed Blue map (they hadn’t run out of Red maps) but then they arrived so I ran Blue after all. The results show a total of 360 runs, which is excellent but not unexpected for the Chase. The total at the 2005 event was over 460!

I didn’t make any big mistakes, though I lost a bit of time on the one-mile leg to #4 by going left instead of right round the dark green. 48th out of 96, which means I achieved Blue standard. I’d class that as a good run then, but it’ll clearly be a little while longer until I can achieve Brown standard. A shout-out to Keith Willdig, who I caught up with on the way to #5, and then we had a good race round the rest of the course.

#9 is a good example of a simple compass-bearing control. Arriving at Kitbag Hill (the major track) it was just a case of “south south south”!

Hednesford Camp

I almost ran the Brown today, but it was over 10km! I’m feeling more confident these days that my knee will last out over longer runs, so I might’ve run the Brown if it’d been within the guidelines. Although Brown courses should be 7.5-10 km in length, “Planners should note that course length ratios refer to course lengths which are “corrected” for height climb by adding 0.1 km for every 10m of climb.” (BOF January 2007) Why do so few controllers enforce this??

Around controls 10 and 11 is the site of the former RAF Hednesford, which was in use for twenty years in the 1940s and 1950s. Its final use was as a refugee camp for Hungarians fleeing the aftermath of the ’56 revolution. As you can see, there’s very little sign of the camp left.

Photos from today and from yesterday’s event at Coombe Abbey. Another event where they ran out of maps. And that in spite of the £3 car-park fee. Eek!