trophied up Photo: Rob Vickers

For the first, and probably the only time, I’ve come first in an orienteering competition! Last night the final round of this season’s night street league took place in distant Malvern and I needed to come at least third and beat Peter Langmaid. Well, Peter made it easier for me by running a different course, which was a shame in a way since a showdown would’ve been exciting, but instead he’d lined up a few ringers to try and deprive me of the points I needed. 😉 Needless to say I pushed myself hard and completed the 5.8 km in around 44 minutes, several of which were the walk up through the town centre! First place, ten points, trophy. 😀

The other champions were John and Jacky Embrey. Thanks very much to Brian Hughes for running the league, and to the MacKenzies for planning/hosting last night’s event.

Of course, relatively speaking what I did wasn’t that impressive. Some of the runners on the longer course were doing 8 km in under 50 minutes, and I suppose I’ll have to move up and try my best to compete with them next season. Meanwhile, I could have a try for the summer league trophy, but there is only one men’s trophy and for someone like me to win would require 12 well-placed runs on the medium course and an absence of consistent runners (e.g. Richard Dearden) on the long course.

While trying to savour the moment, I’m depressing myself by trying to remember any normal (daytime cross-country) event ever that I won…