Weston Heath 2009

A beautiful day in North Shropshire for the qualifying round of the Compass Sport Cup. Weston Heath is a challenging area (a wooded escarpment dissected by cliff-sided gullies) and I found it tough – I made it round my 7 km course in two and a quarter hours. (I suppose that counts as good value for money!) Not last, but nearly last.

My problem today, apart from the fact that I don’t much like climbing at the best of times, was dehydration. I didn’t have enough to drink before the race and, especially in the last half hour, my legs were cramping up and I could barely make any progress on the uphill sections at all. Of course that’s my fault (I was caught out a bit by doing a course that was much more demanding than those I usually run) but I wonder why clubs don’t routinely provide drinks points on the courses. (e.g. control 122 at today’s event, which was visited by the longest courses) What was worse, when I struggled in to the finish, I realised it was still another half a mile back to the car park before I could get a drink!

My route