Just been putting together my itinerary for next weekend. It’s a lot of miles! And the tide times are going to make it tricky to fit in a visit to Lindisfarne…

In the cross-country races I’m running the short course (about 6 km) so I avoid the speed merchants, but in the 3 km sprint race I have to go head-to-head with the likes of Andy Monro and Jason Howell. I’ve decided to offer a bottle (of wine or something less alcoholic) for the most accurate estimate of my time, expressed as a percentage of the average of their times. Happy guessing!

Today was once again a very pleasant day to be out, and I came 15th out of 82 on the Green course at OD’s Pooley Fields event. The split times reveal that I managed a rare feat – I was the slowest runner on leg 3 and the fastest runner on leg 4!

Pooley green start

I was going to run the Blue but discovered a good excuse not to when some friends of ours turned up to their first event and I helped them through registration, etc. It went well for them and they’ll be coming along to Sandwell Valley after Easter.

Last job tonight will be to stick stamps on 400 envelopes – the first edition of The WestMidlander with me as editor is (almost) ready for the post.