I had quite a good run at Leith Hill last year, on my first ever outing at the JK. 77 minutes, achieving my target of 12 minutes per kilometre.* There was a touch of frustration though when I looked at the results and saw the winner’s time: 47 minutes by Peter Sacares of LOK. Wondering why he doesn’t run the Long!

Of course I was falling into the trap of expecting other people to use the same reasoning as me. I run Short or B courses because I don’t have the stamina to go further – not happily anyway. I’d get better value doing the long course but it could turn into a dispiriting trudge. And I’ve got more chance of getting my bronze badge (if BOF haven’t abolished them).

But, let’s face it, there are some orienteers who could easily run the Long or A course but just don’t want to. They enjoy a shorter race. And that’s their prerogative.

*(There’s a tad more climb this year but I ought to set my sights on 10 minute k’s and a total cross-country time of around 2 hours.)