So what kinds of orienteering have I yet to do? Let’s see… First, a list of the kinds I’ve tried:

cross-country (winter 84/85) – two runs while I was at Durham, then a long gap till I did a well-publicised event in the Lickeys about 15 years later

night street (winter 94/95) – a staple of the Harlequins diet – a happy hunting ground!

score (winter 94/95) – the annual New Year’s Day event is great

summer evening (spring 95) – these low-key events have a different feel to them from the regular Sunday-morning slogs

wayfaring (winter 97/98) – I suppose this activity has transmogrified into the mountain marathons. My first and only teljesítménytúra was the Téli Mátra. More on this another time.

string (summer 06)

night cross-country (winter 07/08) – I put off trying this for three reasons: 1 I spend enough time orienteering already, 2 you need special equipment, 3 I thought it would be too hard or not fun. But it isn’t too hard and it is fun! I’ve recommended this video before and it continues to inspire.

relay (easter 08) – thereby hangs a tale. I did put my name down for a team back in 96 or 97, but went to the wrong venue! The venue had been changed but somehow I hadn’t noticed… On Monday I have a chance to make up for last year’s disaster.

sprint (summer 08) – Darwin Park, Stoneleigh and Archeopark

radio O (summer 08) – weird and wonderful

Yet to do:

urban sprint – almost what I’m going to be doing on Friday, but not quite. These events are clearly popular but also seem like an accident waiting to happen

trail O – coming up on Saturday

long O – I entered for the Cannock Chase event last year but couldn’t go. Which reminds me – I ought to ask the organiser for the map I paid for!

night relay – got my eyes on next year’s Jukola – Marti loves Finland and has been wanting to go back for ages


mountain marathon/rogaine – I’m looking forward to doing a few of these in a few years’ time

MTBO – ha!

ski O – even less likely