Beautiful weather and location (I even managed a quick trip to Holy Island this afternoon), good course planning, shame about my runs. Yesterday respectable-slow, today slow-slow. I enjoyed myself though, hey. Today I started badly by running past my first control and it didn’t get much better, not helped by the pain at the back of my feet where my shoes were rubbing. What I really need is something I can stick on the back of my feet to protect them (and that won’t come off) and I don’t mean a sticking plaster!

One surprise today was a leg which took me over the side of a cliff! Rock-climbing had been mentioned in the event details, but I didn’t think it applied to M40S… Heart in mouth, I made my way gingerly down, only to discover at the bottom that I’d parted company with my map.


Ever the optimist, I’m looking forward to a good run in the relays tomorrow, feet willing.