Tried out Trail O for the first time yesterday. First, before I talk about my own experiences, I need to ask: shouldn’t a Trail O course be wheelchair accessible??

Anyway, I enjoyed it. It was an interesting challenge. I took pictures of the controls and I’ll post them later. It was important not to just compare the controls in relation to each other but also in relation to the features all around. There were a few cases where the answer was definitely that none of the controls were in the right place. Sneaky!

There were a couple of things though that disappointed me. I mispunched a couple of times but at the end I was told that was hard luck – nothing could be done about it. I was shocked by this not only because other forms of orienteering allow you to correct your mispunch, but also because no-one had told me this rule. In fact, considering I was doing the “novice” course, there was a distinct lack of instructions or advice. Some information was provided by other orienteers out on the course, but not everything they told me was correct…