Thinking about the Sandwell Valley event on Sunday (beware the St George’s Parade at around 11.30 – try to get there a bit earlier) I wondered whether I could race there with a clear conscience. After all, it was only back in August that I planned an event there (albeit an informal one) so I do know the area better than most. I’ve been told not to worry, and, thinking back, I can think of plenty of examples where mappers and planners have raced competitively on areas where they had an unfair advantage. It does seem odd though that there are such strict rules for major events (such as embargoing them for a year beforehand) and no rules at all for the rest. And even if there are no rules, I still think it’s a bit ungentlemanly to “compete” in such an unfair way.

Any road up, it turns out now that I’m going to be putting out controls for the event, so the problem won’t arise!