Hednesford Hills 14/9/08, blue course: Bruce Bryant 1st 49:42, Adrian Bailey 41st 82:03

Warwick University 18/1/09, blue course: Bruce Bryant 3rd 43:00, Adrian Bailey 36th 62:48

Bruce Bryant** is a great orienteer and he’s won many races, so it was a nice surprise to find I’d edged him on the Green at Sandwell Valley.

But I did plan an event there in August, and I did help Andy White putting out controls* so I gave myself a chance!

It was a good day for my family and our friends. As well as my semi-triumph, we managed second and fourth on the White and second (maybe first) on the Orange. And we’re still waiting for the String results!

* In my defence, not in an area visited by my course.

** Sorry that I got my BB’s mixed up when I first published this blog entry. The night before I’d been following the Tiomila online and only got three hours’ sleep. I shouldn’t’ve tried writing anything in my post-race stupor!