Time for a few ads…

1. Harlequins’ Thursday evening series is under way and carries on through August.

2. Droobers’ new park race series begins in Coventry tomorrow.

3. We’ve just had a bank holiday, I know, but the next one is very soon. That means Springtime in Shropshire!

4. Before then, on the 17th, there’s a Level Two event in Bentley Woods, and the entry deadline is this coming Sunday. Maybe the timing is bad, it coming the week after the big races in Nottingham and Thringstone, but I hope the number of entries pushes on well beyond the current 145. (Even assuming they do, I think some of the age classes ought to be combined at smaller regional events like this one: e.g. 18+20, 21+35, 40+45, 65++.)

Although I can’t find the map, I’ve found the results of the only event I’ve run there: it was the Midland Champs in February 1996. A good run by my standards: I got a “silver” time on M21S. This year’s event seems better value for money: the M40L was 8 km in 1996, while this year it’s 10km!

Excluding the string course, there were 637 competitors, and these were the course winners that day:

10 Megan Greenall OD, Nicholas Tinker MDOC

12 Emma Whitehead DVO, David Hodkinson NOC, Matthew Dickinson DVO

14 Julia Leventon WRE, Stephen Wright NOC

16 Hannah Wootton HOC, Alastair Footitt NOC

18 Claire Daniel HAVOC, Adam Harrison WAOC

20 Jo Abbott WRE, David Jenkins LSOC

21 Alice Bedwell BOK, Jamie Stevenson ESOC

35 Janet Evans NOC, Stephen Kimberley DVO

40 Jane Booker NOC, Barry Elkington OD

45 Judith Holt LEI, Roger Richards WCH

50 Sue Porter LEI, Rex Bleakman DVO

55 Judith Powell WRE, Brian Morris WRE

60 Marlene Palmer WCH, Peter Bayliss WRE

65 Barbara Bradley WCH, Frank Smith OD

70 Phillip Broadhead LEI

p.s. I love you too, Mark.