After a couple of days staying with friends near Lake Balaton I’m now safely ensconced at my brother-in-law’s, and contemplating the logistics of next week. I’m probably going to miss Monday’s and Tuesday’s runs in order to spend more time with the folks, and I’m probably not fit enough for six runs anyway. The start times for the Hungaria Cup races are now up, though they aren’t clock times. So my Wednesday start time (48) has to be added to the “nulla idö” (zero hour), which in this case is 4 pm (I believe, although in comparison with the world championship races, info is a bit thin on the ground) to give 4:48 pm. I’ve been in Bükkszentkereszt once before; I spent a night there when I walked across the Bükk Hills in June 2000. I’m sure of the date because we saw one of the Euro 2000 football matches on the TV in the B&B we stayed in. (Fascinating fact (!): until 1940 the village – whose name means Holy Cross – went by the rather more prosaic name Újhuta (“new mine”).)

Thursday is the sprint, and I’m looking forward to watching the elite races after I’ve had my go. Friday and Saturday I’ve got the problem of getting to Bánkút, first to watch the relays, and then for my long race. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to tootle up to assembly in my orange Punto, so I’ll have to investigate the available alternatives. The last day is the big one: the classic race, being held in the Aggtelek National Park. I’ve got to get up there for a 9 a.m. start and afterwards I hope I can stick around to watch the elites. Unlike the Bükk and Mátra, both of which have hosted many O events over the years, getting to run in Aggtelek is something special. The area enjoys the highest level of protection, and permission for orienteering is almost never given.

I wonder if there will be (free) Wifi in the event centres?

Update: More info is now available. The event details are here. The zero hours appear to have been changed. And there does appear to be a car park at Bánkút. 🙂