Miskolc isn’t a shining jewel in Hungary’s tourist crown, but for those people who are stuck there for a week or more, the area does have a lot to offer besides a great deal of orienteering.

Going west from the city centre, first there’s the castle of Diósgyőr, and then there’s the spa resort of Lillafüred. This is the gateway to the Bükk mountains (with its miles of marked trails), beyond which is the beautiful city of Eger. An hour to the south-east is Debrecen, whose annual carnival is taking place on the 20th.

The final day’s competition is in Aggtelek, which has some of the most impressive caves in Europe. If you have even more time, just across the border is Slovakia. Kosice and Presov are interesting towns and the country’s mountains give it a deserved reputation as the poor man’s Switzerland.