Today was the middle-distance qualification at the World Championships and two Brits have qualified for Wednesday’s finals: Rachael Elder and Oli Johnson, and there were a couple of near misses.

Three live video feeds will be available at a cost of 5 euros per day (sprint+middle count as one day).

Since I was somewhat confused by the recently published Hungaria Cup event details I emailed the organisers and I’ve received a kind and helpful response from Miklós Bogdány. So, to clarify (if clarification is necessary):

1. The first start times are now 12:30, 10:00, 15:30, 12:30, 9:30, 8:30. (The times on the “Invitation” page on the website have yet to be corrected.) Add your start times to those start times! In my case, adding 60, 43, 48, 32, 135, 72 makes 13:30, 10:43, 16:18, 13:02, 11:45, 9:42. Though all of these are, of course, subject to change. 🙂

2. Directions aren’t given to the sprint assembly (“Downtown Miskolc” is somewhat vague) but this info will be available at assembly on the previous days, and if someone tells me I’ll put the address here!

3. If several people are going from the same club, the organisers will prefer to give all those people’s bumf to one person (the “team leader”) at registration. This will not be rigidly enforced though, so separately-travelling team members can receive their bumf separately.

4. By “bib” they mean “rectangular piece of paper or paper-like substance with your competitor number on it”. Clearly it will be best if you get hold of your number before you go off to the start, but you will be allowed to start if you fail to manage this.

5. The warning in Section 5 “Parking” refers to Day 6 only.

6. I was surprised that so few courses will have access to water. It could be blisteringly hot, so I think there’s little alternative but to carry a drink, on the Long days at least.