Well done to everyone involved with organising today’s event in Willenhall, especially Barry McGowan and Chris McCartney. It was cold but the sun shone, so no-one seemed to mind the long communal walk along the canal. The start was a tad chaotic but I reckoned I wouldn’t be the only one to head off north-east across the canal, and I was with a small but select group through the first few controls. ūüôā I planned to get all the part-one controls but when I finished I realised I’d missed #14. Probably a wise mistake; maybe I shouldn’t’ve bothered with #1 or #9 either, but since there were only five “easy” part-2 controls it didn’t make much difference in the end. I was quite pleased with my run today, especially that first section north of the canal: 12 controls in 21:20.


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