Last night was round 6 of this season’s Night Street League and the venue was Redditch, considered by some to be the region’s best area for this particular variety of the sport, because the paths between the streets on the housing estates give loads of route choice.

Another good night for running: cool and damp, and I’m running well, but not well enough: third in 49:30, just 5 seconds behind Andy White. I didn’t make any mistakes, but I need to stop less often to consult the map!

Last week I was out at Highgate Common for the normal night version of the sport. I think I’ve done about half a dozen night races of this type now and I’m getting used to it, though it helped that it’s an area I know relatively well. (I ran past #17 because I started late and didn’t want to make Barry and Peter wait too long for me at the end.)