Today’s races in Edgbaston were excellently planned by Iain Embrey – the only problem for me was that I was a bit leggy. The mistakes I made were minor, though in this format of orienteering they cost me a few places! Like most people I was caught out by control 6 in the prologue, which was up on the terrace, but at least I did find a way up to it. In the mad dash at the end of the prologue I found the 1:600 scale tricky, and wasted time getting to control 5, but I fared better than those who found the transition from one map scale to another more than their tired brains could manage.

My time of 25 minutes dead for the 2.5 km in the morning gave me a reasonable start position for the afternoon race, starting just ahead of 4 other runners, including Andy White and Rachel Emmerson, all of whom caught me up almost immediately! I had a good battle with Andy and Rachel up to control 15: I’m slower than both, but I was lucky enough to make better route choices to controls 5, 11 and 13 that allowed me to keep up. 🙂 Sadly I went and spoilt it all by making a 90-degree error exiting control 15, heading east instead of south, and wasn’t able to catch them again. I completed the 3.5 km in 31:38. My times were nowhere near the winning times, but I’m not sure I want to be as scarily fast as those guys! 😉


As usual, the subject came up of what this kind of event should be called. We understand what we mean by a “sprint”, but 3.5 km doesn’t sound much like a sprint to anyone else. Finally, well done to Alison Sloman for the excellent maps. Mapping buildings to show where they can be run under, through or over is an awkward job.