Last Thursday evening I was the only idiot hardy soul to turn up chez Spears for their Night Street League event. Most people took up the offer to postpone their run till tonight, and I bet they had a lovely time dashing about in the dark on this relatively mild February evening. Me, I was out in the snow. I enjoy running in the snow though, so i took the chance that my run wouldn’t be very competitive. And I exacerbated the situation by making a big error at control 6. I put my map down to tie my lace, picked it back up and ran off down the wrong path. When I came out on the wrong road I didn’t notice because I was caught in the old orienteering trap of trying to make the terrain fit the map… In the end it took me over an hour to complete the 6km so I expect to be well down the results, but tant pis. It was a different experience.