The main tale today is what I didn’t do: I didn’t go to Stone, and I didn’t go to Shrewsbury. (Mike Hampton did – and did, and achieved the rare feat of winning two races in different venues on the same day – WTG, Mike!) It’s 35 miles to Stone and 40 miles to Attingham – once upon a time I wouldn’t have thought twice about travelling to one of them, but at the moment I’m finding it hard to justify the time and expense. (Meanwhile, rather than participating, I’m becoming more interested in organising local events. Yet, sadly, a Black Country or Birmingham version of the Malvern Mini-League still seem to be surprisingly distant prospects.)

What were these two events doing taking place on the same day anyway? It’s been suggested to me that it’s POTOC’s fault, but whoever’s fault it was, just make sure you don’t do it again! I’m all for purely local events taking place at the same time, but both these events today deserved a wider catchment.

I did take Catherine and her friend up to Barr Beacon, where we found Barry McGowan standing close to a pile of O maps. 🙂