The World Orienteering Championships starts tomorrow in Norway. Just read a funny blogpost by Helen Palmer about the fact that she lives in the embargoed area – she hasn’t been able to have a walk in the woods near her home since she moved there! I had a great time at WOC ’09 in Hungary, and I’m sure this year’s event will be fantastic. Go GB!

As you may know, I enjoy following major events remotely, especially if they have live GPS tracking, and I’ve even been known to pay 5 euros to follow the live Tiomila video feed. Most major events provide live tracking now, and it’s very unusual to have to pay for it. I’m a tad pissed off, therefore, to discover that the tracking from Trondheim won’t be free, it’s bundled with the live TV, and costs €11.30. So I find myself having to decide how many days I want to be stuck in front of the computer watching it. Or maybe I could go halves with someone?