A new season is almost upon us, and this was to be my first run for a while: Kingsbury Water Park. Marti and Catherine decided to come with me; somehow we’d never been there, for orienteering or anything else. Well, that’s almost not true; I did once take Catherine to Broomey Children’s Farm, which neighbours the park. Kingsbury’s one of those areas that regular orienteers in the Midlands have little enthusiasm for: running there once is enough! But, luckily for me, this was my first time.

Turned out a bit of previous knowledge would’ve helped. We got there in good time but the promised signage from the main road was nowhere to be seen. Also at the main entrance to the park, nothing. Could it be that the event had been cancelled? Just my luck! Maybe they were using a different car park. So off we set on the very long journey anti-clockwise around the park, via Kingsbury village, Tamworth, Fazeley, Drayton Manor and the Aston Villa training ground. No sign anywhere, including at the Broomey Croft car park. Finally we returned to the main entrance and met a gentleman holding a compass, seeking change for the car park barrier. It was at this point that Catherine noticed that there was a O sign, but it was on the other side of the barrier. So I did get my run, in what for me at least was an interesting new area…


(Kingsbury Water Park is exotic, but this guy has orienteered in some amazing places this year!)