Three runs this week to get back into the swing of things. Tuesday was a street event in Shrewsbury. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t use the proper O map, but I didn’t mind the quiz format too much – it’s a nice bit of fun for the summer. A pity though that the central area was so faint – it made my progress to the finish even slower, having already succumbed to a case of vibrating kneecap.

But that didn’t put me off travelling to Hinckley on Thursday for LEI’s end of season Burbage event. The ground there was much springier than the streets of Salopia and my legs were much happier. I wondered whether this event was sponsored by IOF, to trial the mass-start “Hagaby” style of race that they’re thinking of introducing into the world championships. What you do is split the course into sections, and have alternative routes for each section. The runners go round the course twice, but the second time they do the controls they didn’t have the first time round.

Today I took Catherine to the first event of the new season: a middle-distance event on Cannock Chase. Thanks to the Mitchells and the Whites both Catherine and I were able to run. She was brilliant today, zooming round the White in under 10 minutes, coming first overall. 🙂 She even said to me that it’s a good idea to check which way you need to go next before you arrive at a control. My performance was a more modest 13th out of 28. I was 3rd after 4 controls, but later on I managed to take 4 minutes to do a 100m leg…