The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 has a feature called “Sporting Challenge” where Chris goes up against the sports reporter, Jonny Saunders, in a variety of sports over several weeks. I’ve been willing them to do orienteering (and wondering whether BOF has been lobbying them) and my wish has finally come true… While I was driving to work on Friday I heard them make the announcement, and have a chat with Anneka Rice, who the BBC has decided is an expert on this fine sport…

So, on Wednesday, and Chris’s health willing – I see he’s come down with a nasty cold, they’ll be trained up and put through their paces by the British Army Orienteering Club at a not especially secret location west of London. I wonder whether they’re putting on a special (shorter) course just for the two of them, or are they up to running 5km like everyone else?

We’ll find out when the video is uploaded on Friday. Looking forward to it! Meanwhile, if you want to find out where you can orienteer around Great Britain, there’s a handy map and (a user-unfriendly) list of clubs.