My first night under canvas with my daughter went quite well, helped by the fact that there are some portaloos about 30 metres from the tent. Catherine did wake up at 3.30 though and in the end I decided we needed to swap places so that she’d be more snug. At 8 it was time to get dressed, have our cereals (No stove so no hot breakfast), pack what we needed for the morning, and walk to the Day 2 Assembly down the lane.

I’d volunteered to help at registration but Diane and the other nice Wrekin people more or less had it covered, so I escaped to take Catherine round the White course. Like the day before (and the next day!) there was a long walk up to the start and when we got there someone commented that the map looked like someone had spilled green paint on it…

The White course was too long, at 2.5 km, and the zigzags were a bit tricky, but Catherine didn’t mind, especially as it was nearly all downhill! Then, after she’d luncheoned we went back to the Finish so that the finishing Mr G could look after her while I traipsed back up to the Start for my run.

My course was threaded neatly between the green, though I couldn’t see much option on leg 11 other than to head due north through it. Which was fun. It didn’t really matter though since this leg was voided. I found the control all right, but I agree that it can’t’ve been where it should’ve been. By the end of the course I was having trouble picking my legs up, and I was spooked a bit by the strange stripy trees!

Now, I finished my run at gone 3 pm, and I was due to start my evening run at 6 pm! Not much recovery time… I had a Wilfs Scotts veg chilli, walked back up to the campsite, had a lovely hot portashower and then drove the three of us down into a rainy Ludlow, getting there early enough to grab a great parking spot right near the Start.

The clouds parted, Marian and the rest of the event team swung into action and an excellent time was had by all. (Don’t mention control 42.) Despite my tired legs I managed 10-minute k’s, Catherine and Ian went round the D course, which I thought was very impressive on C’s part, and then we went off in search of fish and chips.

And there’s more…

Back at base, the SINS quiz night has just started. I started the first round on my own, before being joined by Ian and then Peter and then Barry to make what turned out to be the mighty Cohocs team – second only to the swots of Oxford! Our prize, vouchers for the Butcher’s Grill.

Race distance tally: Adrian 20 km, Catherine 8 km