The second night in the tent was quite different from the first – the buffeting wind was replaced by the dripping rain, and though C was nice and comfy in the middle of the tent I got a bit cold and damp. Ian suggested, sensibly, that we pack up before the races and drive the few yards down to assembly, and even though we were among the first to get off the campsite the rain had already made it almost impossible.

Ian went off for his run and I wasn’t really expecting Catherine to want to do hers (There were plenty of grown-ups who cried off because of the weather) but her enthusiasm returned when the rain eased off a bit so we did it. 🙂 We even met Ian towards the end – I’d expected him to have finished by then, but it turned out that he’d picked up the wrong map at the start so he’d ended up having a longer run (as well as missing his chance of a medal in his class 😦

Then it was my turn – the last climb of the weekend. The first half of the course was good fun, but I tripped running through the brashings after control 9 and my left shin and right knee took a nasty bang. Shaken up, I didn’t see the clever route option on leg 11 so made my way gingerly down and up the two valleys.

The part of the course from #12 to #18 felt like a totally different area – it was quite a slog but as usual it all felt like it was worth it in the end. 🙂

Race distance tally: Adrian 25.5 km, Catherine 9.5 km

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