Now that BOF’s plans for England-West have been published, I need to add a couple of points to my earlier post.

Firstly, Walsall hasn’t been included but Sandwell has. In fact, I think Walsall might be a good venue. There are two schools in the area with active O clubs, and if weekly orienteering nights started in the town soon (rather than in 2013) we might be able to build on that. Sandwell is also a good target for increasiing participation, but perhaps not by the club-night model. What would work better there, I think, is an initiative based on a programme of events, such as the park-race series I’ve mooted.

With these regional plans, BOF seems to be putting all its eggs in one basket. Everything, and all the money, seems to be geared to building participation through club nights. Why can’t some of the target areas  follow the successful Malvern model, building participation through a series of events? Is that because it’s easier for BOF to justify spending the money on coaches than on organisers?