Speaking about today’s Euromeeting event in Finland, Martin Ward writes:

Interesting to see how the mass-start format has been planned. For the women there are two different 2.2km loops (about 16 mins for the leaders), with one common control so each loop has two gaffles, making four combinations in total. Then it’s a much bigger loop common to all.

Same concept for the men, but it’s three gaffled loops making about 8km total, then a big common loop.

Now why does that sound familiar to me? Well, the gaffled loops are like the ones I included at the event at Aston Hall last week. The medium course had two common controls, giving four combinations, and the long course had three common controls, giving eight combinations. It’s probably a good idea to call this method of separating runners on a mass-start event “Farsta”, like the example I found on the web.

The way my courses crisscross the park it’s hard to see the Farsta pattern, but notice that the common controls are 127 and 128 on the Medium and 107, 118 and 127 on the Long. You can see the loops on the Euromeeting courses (“TUE 5.7. mass-start”) here.