Last night I took Catherine to the first night event of the season, at Uffmoor Wood near Halesowen. We’ve both been getting some night-O practice in at COBOC’s club nights and Catherine has fond memories of doing the Chasers’ Maize Maze in the dark.

Somehow it had passed me by that the format has changed – instead of a 60-minute score event, the WEEs are now planned as “classic” events, albeit with a time limit. This first one was 9.4 km with 37 controls and a 60-minute time limit. Phew!! I half expected to meet Daniel Hubmann or Thierry Gueorgiou out in the wood… Still, not bad value for 3 quid.

I’d expected something a bit easier to do with a 7-year-old, but Catherine is a good sport and she ventured deep into the forest with me and we got round 6 controls in the hour. It was clear that in theory she found the experience rather scary, but in practice the fact that she was with me and we’d done similar things before took the edge off it for her. A bigger problem was that Uffmoor is pretty grotty and we had a lot of brambles to wade through. She needs some good gaiters to cover the entire area from shoe to knee.