Back to Hay Wood. Droobers use this wood a lot, so luckily it’s a good wood. It’s flat and relatively pathless, and good planning meant that I recognised virtually nothing from my previous visits here.

Last weekend I was thinking how well my run was going and then, of course, I immediately mucked up. That mistake last week helped me to have a very good run this week: even though it was going well I didn’t let my concentration slip and I kept my total errors down to under 5 minutes. I didn’t spike numbers  2, 7, 10, 11, 12 but I wasn’t far off any of them. (Notice that three of them are clearings – I’m not sure how well they are mapped.)

It definitely helped to get off to a good start: picking up my map I saw the first control was going to be a tricky start, and perhaps I was lucky to get such a good bearing and hit the southern ditch junction perfectly and thence home easily in on the holly bush. There were a couple of people nearby looking lost when I punched.

It was the West Midlands Championships. I should’ve run Blue but Green is faster and funner. And just because I ran well on the Green doesn’t mean I would’ve run well on the Blue! Also, since I was giving Catherine some coaching on the Yellow ahead of the Yvette Baker final in a couple of weeks’ time, it’s hard to fit that and a Blue run in.