Because we couldn’t leave home till 11.30 and barely made it to registration in time, some compromise was necessary at today’s event on Cannock Chase. What we did was that we both started at the same time, but first I ran round the White course with Catherine to make sure she didn’t get lost (including a short stop while we tried to help Mick find his lost dibber) and when we got to the Finish I said Bye to her and I went off to find my first control, thereby giving everyone else on Green a 20-minute head start. Happy to relate I wasn’t last, coming 71st out of 86, and I would’ve done better if I wasn’t so afraid of getting my feet wet. On the way to the 2nd control there was a wide and muddy stream and after spending two or three minutes working out how to get across without soaking both legs I gave up and ran down to a broken bridge.