Down to the edge of the Cotswolds for a joint NGOC/BAOC event. Whoa, it felt cold up there! I kept my thick t-shirt and my hoodie on, put on my hat and my gloves, and headed off to the start. Luckily I’d judged the level of attire just right and enjoyed my hour out on the hill.

I shocked myself by spiking the first control – usually I’m not even sure which way up to hold the map at the start – and was going quite well until I messed up control #6, which was hidden among the gorse bushes. It turned out that a lot of people had trouble with that control, and by the next control I was actually in the lead among the West Midlands contingent. It couldn’t last though, and in the end I was 4th out of 7, and 26th out of 54 overall.



p.s. Thanks Kerstin for the jelly babies!