I got to last Sunday’s West Midlands League event before 10 but didn’t get to run till 12.20. Just saying; I don’t mind. Orienteering wouldn’t be as good as it is without a hefty dose of volunteering. But I was beginning to suffer slightly after 90 minutes standing by the B4096 and I was glad to get my coat, jumper and outer trousers off and get running. Cool rain is great conditions for running (as long as you can still see through your glasses!) and my body didn’t take too long to unseize itself.

I know the area pretty well so I avoided the kind of bad misses I suffered the weekend before and came a respectable 4th on Green out of 45. My time was a dead heat with John Pearson and, continuing last week’s run-in theme, it was my run-in that saved me. I was a bit sluggish through the last few controls, allowing John to overtake me, but I beat him by 8 seconds on the run-in and got back level. 🙂

And, yes, it was VERY muddy!

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