Crazy things in orienteering crying out for a solution #17…

Up to Hanley today for the West Midlands Park O Championships at Central Forest Park. A bit chilly when i got there but definitely t-shirt weather. Course was Long Orange standard (probably designed with inexperienced orienteers in mind) but still enjoyable. After control 5, a familiar experience: the 6 looks like a 9. For anyone who doesn’t orienteer, this may seem an odd thing to say, but one of the first things you learn when you start the sport is to hold the map with north to the north, so you’re often holding the map “sideways” or “upside down”.

Now, unfortunately this can lead to confusion between the numbers 6 and 9. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve heard many tales of others falling into this trap. Today it was the turn of Ricardo Fernandes, who ran from #6 to #10. 😦

It’s about time we put our heads together and found a solution. Putting a line under the number would be a start, but it’s not a foolproof solution. Putting SIX and NINE on the map might work. Or VI and IX? Or maybe we could invent special orienteering symbols for these two digits? Answers on a (virtual) postcard please…

wmpoc13 route


As far as I can tell, the champions are:

Children: Amy Mayland, Enys Lloyd

Juniors: Ellie Bales, Ewan Lloyd

Open: Delia Kingsbury, Martin Pigott

Veterans: Elizabeth Bales, Clive Richardson

Supervets: Sheila Carey, Peter Carey