As far as I’m aware, although there’s always* been a map of Perry Hall, there’s never been one of Perry Park, so we finally put this right this year. Alison Sloman has produced maps of both at 1:5000 and a combined map at 1:7500. Once upon a time I’d envisaged combining the two areas by means of the subway under the Walsall Road, but when this was filled in, Alison came up with the excellent alternative suggestion of using the canal towpath. Unfortunately the path from Sandringham Road to the canal has now been gated, so Wednesday’s dual-park event may have been the first and the last!


I couldn’t run this event on my own so I was very  grateful to Ruth Lockley (who lives just off the map) for agreeing to be the Perry Hall starter, and she made contact with the Friends of the park and put on a little simultaneous extra score event for them too.

Meanwhile, back across the A34, thanks to Stuart Paul, ex-Harlequin and now major-domo at Birchfield Harriers, for allowing us to use their facilities (in between two major events) and for dusting off his dibber and having a go himself. 🙂


*Some people have claimed that the map of Perry Hall that was found on the Dead Sea Scrolls is in fact an early OCAD version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but I’m far from convinced.