Just after I put up the introductory post, I had the pleasure of watching Scott Fraser claim silver in the men’s sprint. He had a clean run in an event where every second counts, and I’m sure he was surprised and happy to watch all four men who started after him come in behind his time.

British medals at world championships are something to be savoured. The big O countries are probably Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic and France. Britain is in the second division, so to speak, and it’s great to break in to the premier league. Congratulations to the team and to British Orienteering for maintaining the international competitiveness of the sport at such a high level in this country. (Compare orienteering, with several British athletes in the world’s top 200, with tennis, where – on the men’s side – we have a Wimbledon champion and almost nothing else.)

And we have a new star: Catherine Taylor had a brilliant run in the Long-distance heats and came a fine 10th in the final.

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Sprint photos

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p.s. Although younger runners continue to come through, this WOC has been notable so far for the resurgence of the oldies. Thierry Gueorgiou is 34, Simone Niggli is 35 and Jani Lakanen is 36. Impressive!