Time flies – I noticed the other day that it’s been 5 years since I broke the record (still standing?) for the smallest orienteering event ever, and now I see that it was only few days later that Chasers held their now legendary Maize Challenge event. Doesn’t Catherine look sweet! Every now and then I remember it and wish we could do it again, so I jumped at the chance when it finally came. The event next Sunday in Sandwell Valley won’t be on the same scale (so to speak) as that glorious day in… wherever it was, but we’ll make it worth your while. The first round will be in the daylight (just) and be a “normal” time trial of about 2.5 km (actual optimum running distance) for adults and 1 km for children. Then there’ll be a chasing start (definitely in the dark) of about 2 km as soon as everyone’s ready, which should be at about quarter to six. So don’t forget your torch! Sorry we won’t have a £500 prize for first place – but I will get the winners something nice from Poundland.

See you at Forge Mill Farm at 4 o’clock on Sunday!