Back to lovely Highgate Common for the club championships. Since Barry H has adopted it as his area it almost seems like visiting him in his (large and overgrown) back garden. 🙂 Perfect running weather, and considering that I’d forgotten my bramble bashers, the area seemed mercifully free of the stuff that tears my legs in most Midlands woods.

And I had a near-perfect run, something which is as elusive in 2016 as it was in 1996, despite 20 years of practice! I got 24 controls in the hour (well, 60:00:30), which I’m sure must be the most I’ve ever managed at a club champs.

I hardly used my watch at all, just three times I think, which I think is a good strategy. On the way to #53 I checked and saw I had about 12 minutes left, and knew more or less that if I had a clean run home I could get six more, and I nearly did. (I also notice that I did 12 from the front and 12 from the back, and turned the map over almost exactly on 30 minutes, but that’s a fluke.)

Afterwards there was the club Christmas social, and considering the club has been doing some soul-searching of late because of the slide in membership, it was as ever one of the most joyous occasions of the year.