Some of the legs from last weekend’s Sutton Coldfield Urban. Which way would you go?

Leg 9 from course 4 (Also leg 8 from course 1)

sutton 4_8-9

Leg 15 from course 3

sutton 3_14-15a

Leg 17 from course 2

sutton 2_16-17

Leg 20 from course 1

sutton 1_19-20cd

sutton 1_19-20

Solutions (?)

sutton 4_8-9rd

Fastest split: 2:53. How obvious was it to you that the south route is much shorter?

Leg 15 from course 3

sutton 3_14-15

Fastest split: 2:56. Not much in this; the southern route is even shorter if you cheat and cross the out-of-bounds roundabout…

Leg 17 from course 2

sutton 2_16-17rd

Fastest split: 3:12. The secret here is to spot the straight route through the railway station; it’s not particularly difficult to execute, although the final approach to the control is easier if you use the simpler (but 50m+ longer) eastern route up and round the town hall.

Leg 20 from course 1

sutton 1_19-20rd

Fastest spit: 2:52. Crucial here to spot that a southern route is a no-no. Not only does it require a massive dogleg at the start, the object control is only approachable from the north. In fact you have to look a long way north to find the shortest route, which is nearly 200 metres longer than the straight line.