I started orienteering in the mid-90s, joined the Harlequins club, and at one stage I was running in 50 events a year. I moved to Hungary in 1997 and carried on running there, in the beautiful Matra and Bukk mountains, but when I came back to England in 2002 I ran out of steam. But I love it, and especially now that you could sell me as Middle Age Spread, I need to shake a leg.

I wanted to call this blog “Light Green” but it wasn’t available at any of the blog sites I checked. “Reentrant” is appropriate too though, isn’t it.



– brikke: a rectangular dibber used with the EMIT electronic timing system

– colours: White/Yellow, short easy courses for kids; Orange/Red, medium difficulty 2.5/4 km; Green/Blue/Brown, difficult courses 4/6.5/9 km

– control: one of the orange and white flags that you have to find

– control (verb): to check the courses that the planner has designed

– dibber: a little gizmo you wear on your finger that records when you got to the controls; proper name: SI card

– run down: run an easier course than you’re supposed to

– run up: run a more difficult course than you’re supposed to

– spike (verb): to navigate accurately to (a control)