Fancy a ride to Milford on Sunday morning? 😉

Out today in the freezing sunlight, getting details for the map and courses on Tuesday night. The brave souls who try the long course will be taken off the streets a few times into the parks and open spaces but the first course I came up with measured over 13 km (straight-line distance)* so it’ll need a bit of pruning!

Hard to believe, but today was my first ever foray into Queslett Nature Park – some of you will sample its damp delights on Tuesday. 🙂 If my memory serves me correctly, there was supposed to be an event in the park a few years ago but it was cancelled, so perhaps there’s an O map for it somewhere?

*If you really do want to run so far (the actual running distance would be around 18 km), just shout and I’ll do you a map!


(Just noticed this is my 100th post!)